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Hospital Services Management

Medical Waste Management

  • Introduction of Medical Waste Management at Public and Private Hospitals

Effective implementation of Medical waste management in the public and private hospitals is a key determinant of improvement of hospital environment and providing quality service. Capacity development and awareness of the service providers will be the most important aspect of MWM. Supply of logistics and technical support to the hospitals together with smooth coordination with local government agencies and department of environment will ensure the proper implementation of the program. Enforcement of Medical Waste Management rules may be of great help for achieving the goals. For out-house management of medical wastes PPP model and outsourcing will be encouraged.


  • Awareness building for service providers and recipients.
  • Supply of necessary logistics for MWM to DH/MCH/Specialized Hospitals.
  • Establishment of in-house waste management system including temporary waste storage room.
  • Establishment of Out-house management in collaboration with local government bodies (CC/Municipality).
  • Dissemination and Implementation of National guideline for Medical waste management in all stage.
  • Capacity development of the service providers.
  • Provide service charges for Out-house management of generated MW from DH/MCH/Specialized Hospitals.
  • Coordination with local government agencies and Department of Environment.
  • Establish monitoring & supervision system for functioning Standard MWM in private healthcare facilities.

Name of the Sub-Activity :

  • Capacity development of Health Managers and Service providers for inhouse MWM
  • Support for outhouse MWM
  • Establishment of Temporary waste storage house
  • Supply of logistics and consumables
  • Research (in coordination with PMR OP)
  • Honorarium for Consultants and Remuneration
  • Advertisement and Publicity
  • Printing, Stationeries and others