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Hospital Services Management


General Objective:

To provide efficient, quality, equitable and accessible healthcare services at district hospitals, medical college hospitals and specialized / institute hospitals of Bangladesh.


Specific Objectives:

  1. To support for strengthening and upgrading secondary and tertiary care hospital services ensuring efficient, quality and equitable access to healthcare for the population
  2. To reduce maternal mortality by ensuring and further strengthening existing 24/7 CEmONC activities at all district and medical college hospitals
  3. To enforce regulation, monitoring and supervision of private facility-based healthcare services.
  4. To strengthen investigative and specialized services (ICU, NICU, SCANU, CCU, Dialysis unit) at district hospitals, medical college hospitals and specialized hospitals.
  5. To ensure services for autism and neuro-developmental disorders through ‘Shishu Bikash Kendro’.
  6. To ensure effective, quality and efficient delivery of essential health service package (ESP) at district hospitals.
  7. To improve services of hospitals by ensuring emergency management services.
  8. Introducing (a) geriatric care (b) palliative care (c) evidence-based practices (EBP) (d) clinical management protocol (e) patient safety programme (f) club foot (g) cleft palate and (h) reconstructive surgery services, and (i) to improve poisoning and snakebite care at district hospitals, medical college hospitals and specialized hospitals
  9. To improve quality of patient care by introducing (a) 5S-CQI-TQM approach, (b) standard hospital operating manual (c) risk management programme and by comprehensive monitoring and supportive supervision in district hospitals, medical college hospitals and specialized hospitals.
  10. To introduce accreditation system for private sectors.
  11. To strengthen referral system in the hospital services for the proper utilization of resources in health care system.
  12. To strengthen standard medical waste management in district hospitals, medical college hospitals, specialized hospitals and private sectors health care facilities.
  13. To expand Safe Blood Transfusion Programme and Thalassemia Management countrywide.
  14. To build capacity of the hospital managers on proper procedure of procurement, asset and logistics management system.
  15. To enhance community participation in hospital care management system.